Polyester Materials


Polyester in clothing has many advantages compared to other types of materials used in fashion garments. It's affordable, durable, versatile, and lightweight. Polyester has a good tear and abrasion resistance, long working life, good UV-stability, good bias stability, good durability, no water absorption, and low stretch.  Polyester is less breathable than natural fibers (such as cotton)  so we design some of our products as cotton mixed.
Recommended Washing Instructions: Set the wash cycle to normal and use a gentle laundry detergent. Because polyester is a synthetic material, high heat will break down the fibers and cause damage to your clothes. As a result, polyester should be washed using warm or cold water.
Polyester can be tumble dried on a cool setting and won't shrink. To avoid wrinkles and static build up, remove the garments from the dryer while slightly damp.