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Ruby and Emile Young, legacy owners for EvanRuby LLC

What comes to mind when you think "legacy"? When I reflect on my family tree it reminds me that every generation aspires to make life better for the next. Life experiences mode and shape us into who we are today and what we strive to do and become tomorrow.

EvanRuby LLC (formerly Sancarol LLC) is constantly growing. Soon after the company formed in 2020 - Covid 19 hit strong. Our outreach efforts plummeted; customer interactions were virtually null. And like others, we lost family, friends and acquaintances we came to know and love.  The business took a back seat to life.

Though Covid is still with us, we have now begun to regroup - refocus and recharge. We've changed our name to better reflect the brand. We are developing new art designs. We are beginning to incorporate outreach efforts to meet our customer needs.

Follow the journey of future EvanRuby CEO's Emile and Evan Ruby Young as their  original art pieces continuously evolve and their leadership roles grow in honor of the legacy of their great-grandmother, Ruby Jean Nash-Harris.


Ruby Jean Nash-Harris (1928-2015), second oldest of 10, born in High Coal, West Virginia was diagnosed with Polio at age three (3). Doctors predicted she'd never walk again or have children. "Miss Ruby", unwavering in her spiritual beliefs (in God), persevered; walked again, married, raised a family, and served as a true leader in her community-at-large as a public school elementary teacher. She is the inspiration behind our EvanRuby brand.