How do I become a member to receive free shipping?


Simply sign up to receive monthly emails from EvanRuby to your email account.  There are two (2) ways to sign up. #1 -The pop up that generates on the HOME PAGE when you visit our site and/or #2 - Complete the form located at the bottom of the HOME page to receive each month an updated free shipping code good for that month on select products. NOTE DETAILS TO APPLY DISCOUNT:

##. Free shipping code on select products each month

##. No minimum purchase requirement

##. MAY combine with other discounts (on select holiday promotions)


Will I still receive a shipping discount if I unsubscribe from your site?

EvanRuby Members receive free shipping codes for select products each month. Should you unsubscribe you will no longer received the automatic benefits mentioned above. All other shoppers get free shipping (to destinations within the United States) with a minimum of $60.00+ purchase. Canada shipping rates are in process of development and will be activated once they have been added to our delivery network.