Believe in Yourself - Student Golden Legacy Creed

Believe in Yourself - Student Golden Legacy Creed


When my children were little they attended a public school which was high on teaching affirmations. At the time it was something that my children learned by rote; memorizing the words to recite at will with the ultimate goal of understanding the creed and what it meant. Today, I realize it was and still is something that not only stuck with them in their unconscious memories (like reciting your A-B-C's), it lay the foundation to help them maneuver through todays social challenges of everyday life. As my daughter always says "sharing is caring", so read on and consider including it in your daily life!

I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
I shall strive to act in an honorable and dignified manner at all times,
taking pride in my personal appearance and manifesting a soundness of mind, body and character.
I will strive to be idealistic and have the highest standards of conduct in relation to my family, my teachers, my colleagues and to the community as a whole.
I shall persevere in my endeavor to achieve high scholastic honors, and to be worthy of the recognition and respect which shall be accorded me.
I shall dedicate myself to the service of humanity for the benefit of my fellowman who may be less fortunate than myself.
I shall be unwavering in my determination to be the embodiment of this Golden Legacy which is the foundation of success in all my undertakings.

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